Vibrating through the universe, waiting for the right time to evolve into human form, even before he was born Tim McCallum was kicking out drum beats in the womb. Fascinated by sound, Tim found solitude in music and it spoke directly to his soul.

To realise visions of performing on the world stage Tim knew he would have to become bigger within himself. Taking form as ‘Augmented’ (having been made greater in size or value), he began creating music.

Augmented’s hunger for innovation & originality couples with an underlying desire for unique sound design. Infusing bold, undulating basslines with organic percussion, obscure melodies and samples recorded from his own life, his music resonates with the inner self enabling natural grooves for the dance floor, taking the audience to his ‘Augmented Reality’.

When Augmented is not in the studio he has his ear close to the ground finding tracks with the freshest grooves that will leave you waiting for that next drop.
Augmented’s gig roster boasts a monthly residency at Black Market. He has supported Shpongle, Raja Ram, Captain Hook, Klartraum and Thankyou City.

Augmented's catalogue of released works includes his debut EP, “Life Hertz”, remixes of Planet Jumpers' "Brooklyn Bound" (Smash Bang) and Retza’s “Faded” (Vicious Black), with more remixes and original works set for release in early 2014.

For bookings, management and press enquiries please contact:

Eva Guss (Manager)

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